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Watching a child's transformation in life is truly amazing!

Thanks to Chris and Tiffany at Trinity Martial Arts I have seen an amazing transformation in my son in a very short time. As a parent you know your child inside and out, you know they have the skills but learning to apply them to life in a positive way is hard to teach. Brice came into class as a shy child lacking in his personal self confidence. I have seen my son use the skills that he learned in class about respect and healthy ways to focus his energy into something positive. He is a more confident person and is becoming a stronger person both internally and externally.

Chris is a wonderful instructor that cares about the students. He has a wonderful way of seeing the potential in each student. He takes the time with each person to insure that their personal goals are met.

Brice is finding a new extended family in his martial arts classes. He looks forward to every class.

Colleen Randel

Student Parent

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