New Student Enrollment Information

Martial arts is designed to be an activity that students participate in for years, however we understand students can change their minds or find other interests along the way.  We never want families to stay at the school due to financial ties, therefore at Trinity Martial Arts we only offer month-to-month enrollment.  

The tuition for all classes is $200 per month, directly debited through ACH (checking accounts only)

On the 1st of each month your account will be charged until you cancel (14 days before the next bill cycle). These simple policies allow TMA to serve you and maintain consistent staffing at all times.



Your first months tuition will be prorated from your first class and include an enrollment fee of $109 for the belt, uniform and tee shirt.  Thereafter, your autopay will begin on the 1st of the following month. If you are a returning student who cancelled their membership previously, you will need to complete the entire registration process again including the registration fee. 

STEP 3: Print and Sign Waivers

Please download and complete the following documents. 

Please note all forms must be completed before the student can participate in class.

If you decide to register after the trial class, paperwork will be completed in person. Please note we only accept ACH  (direct debit through checking account) at this time. 

ENROLLMENT FORM- Completed in person