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More About Trinity Martial Arts

The name Trinity is based upon the "Top Three." If you take all the Martial Arts in the world you can categorize them into three groups, Striking, Grappling, and Weapons. At Trinity Martial Arts the student will learn a foundation based belt ranking system that will progressively add more difficult techniques and mental requirements. Students will learn Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, and Jiu Jitsu simultaneously.

Trinity Martial Arts is locally owned and operated by Chris Aprecio and his wife, Tiffany Aprecio. For over 20 years, they have taught self-defense and martial arts to thousands of residents throughout Washington including Sammamish Plateau and Overlake at True Martial Arts, Lake Stevens at Taigon Tae Kwon, in Arlington where Trinity Martial Arts opened in 2009 and moved to Redmond in 2013. Sa Bu Nim Aprecio’s passion for martial arts began at age 5 and by 15 his life’s mission was to influence others through his teaching. Raised on the Eastside, the Aprecio’s enjoy being part of this great community.

Trinity Martial Arts is a family oriented martial arts school teaching Tae Kwon Do and Arnis, a Filipino Stick Fighting Art. The curriculum is designed to be progressive, both physically and mentally. The improvements anticipated for all student are to become physically better at martial arts while internally strengthening your mind and character. The Dojang (school) creates a safe atmosphere for students challenge themselves in areas they typically avoid. We want our students to approach everything they do in the Black Belt Way, with 100% effort, a positive attitude, and indomitable spirit.

Meet The Team


Chris Aprecio

Chief Instructor & Owner

Sa Bu Nim


Tiffany Aprecio

Owner & Operations Manager

Yu Dan Ja Nim

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