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What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do comes from Korea. It is an ancient Martial Art which focuses on long, low stances and high kicks. The system is called Modern Chang Moo Kwan, (a clear path) an updated form of old Tae Kwon Do that can find its root before World War II; it has more hand techniques and longer lower stances then found in Tae Kwon Do today. Tae Kwon Do encorporates self-defense techniques by incorporating real life situations.

What is Arnis?

Modern Arnis is an art from Grand Master Remy Presas a native Filipino who traveled around the Philippines and combined knowledge from all the islands the different styles of escrema, cane fighting, and at its highest levels short sword and knife fighting. This is a soft fluid art which is a great compliment to Tae Kwon Do, known as a hard and powerful art.

What is Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become the fastest growing Martial Art thanks to the fighting shows on TV which is kind of ironic because the direct translation means the “soft art.” The fundamental belief of Jiu Jitsu is to win by not hurting your opponent with submissions. This art mostly focuses on how to protect yourself if you end up on the ground; this looks similar to wrestling but is much different.

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Programs for Prospective Students

Tiny Trinity's

Ages 5 - 6

2 classes/ week

This class is an introduction to Martial Arts for young children Children learn basic martial arts skills and self defense principals such as personal space, using their voice as a weapon and stranger danger. It is an excellent step between the home environment and school.

Advanced Tiny's

Age 7

2 classes/ week

This option is an extension of the Tiny Trinity program for students who are beyond the "Tiny's" level, but not quite ready for the Youth program. It combines the principles from bot the Tiny Trinity and Youth programs.


Ages 8 - 12

2 classes/ week

New students begin in "MOD 1" as a white belt. 

These classes focus on creating a fun and safe environment to develop  into Martial Artists.

Our students learn multiple techniques that build upon one another. Over time, students become stronger and more talented in the martial arts.


Ages 13+

2 classes/ week

New students begin as a white belt.

Adult classes focus on physical fitness, martial art techniques and self defense. 

The adult class will follow the TMA  curriculum with more self defense technique requirements as you advance.

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