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At Trinity Martial Arts, we teach our students the clear path to inner strength by focusing on the following concepts:


Our school represents only half of what we teach. The more important half is our community of students, without whom we would not exist. Redmond Ridge & Redmond Ridge East, as well as their surrounding neighborhoods, have brought together a diverse group of people with a common goal; to better children’s’ lives through education, sports, and the arts. The majority of informed, intelligent people share this view and understand that an academic education is only one aspect of a well-grounded individual.

Triumphs & Triumphant Defeats

We all know there is a right way to win. However, there are also many ways to lose. True strength is shown after we win, when we shake the hand of our opponent, thanking them for their participation. A different kind of strength is losing and shaking the hand of the winner. Studies have shown that kids who have experienced the thrilling high of winning, as well as the bottomless low of losing, develop the ability to recognize and avoid self-destructive behaviors. This coping mechanism serves them well in dealing with losses later in life.

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Our "Real" Competition

Our competition is composed of megacorporations that want to entertain you and your kids with what they can put on a screen. If I tried to teach your kids with circa 800 A.D. techniques, it would literally put them to sleep. If I want to compete successfully with quantum advancements in entertainment, I need to be “FUN”. If your child is not having fun via being engaged at a high level, they will most likely get bored and not make it in the long run. The key benefits of martial arts occur within a 3-5-year time line. To accomplish this, you must love what you are doing and recognize yourself as a martial artist.

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